Add an unread badge to ClickUp in Rambox

Add an unread badge count to ClickUp when using as a custom service in Rambox File: clickup-rambox-unread-badge.js ————————- /* Add this into the Custom Code section in your custom service: */ function checkUnread() { // Check for an unread count by looking for the dot favicon var unread = document.querySelectorAll(“link[href^=’favicon-dot-32×32′]”) // Get the document […]

DataDog colourblind CSS

Fix the awful default red/green graphs and charts in Datadog. Since they’re using CSS variables (custom properties), it’s pretty easy to change the colours across the whole site.

Create custom style dropdowns on Quill

I’m putting this one up quickly so the info is out there. If you come across this and need more info, just comment on the post. Set up the editor: // Create editor this.editor = new Quill(‘#’ +, { modules: { toolbar: { container: [ [{‘customStyles’: this.styleList}], [{‘align’: []}], [‘bold’, ‘italic’, ‘underline’, ‘strike’], [{‘list’: […]

Launching renderer functions from the main menu in Electron-Vue

Creating menus is simple enough in Electron, but how in the world do you tell your Renderer process to do something?! I couldn’t find any existing resources on this so hopefully this helps you. In your menu/index.js  set up your menu: import { app, BrowserWindow, Menu } from ‘electron’ const template = [ { label: […]

How to export from Scrivener to Word with correct styles

This is a macro to export from Scrivener to Word with correct Heading and Body styles. This also correctly handles in-paragraph bold and italics. It is based off the excellent work by Félix Chénier. When I tried his method, it correctly fixed all the heading styles, but it did not update the body text to be ‘Normal’ style. […]