How to see visitor’s real IP with Cloudways and Cloudflare

If you’re using Cloudflare in front of your Cloudways site, you’ll notice that all the visitors come through with the IP address of It’s easy enough to fix this. Cloudways posted a useful article about it, but it misses one critical thing – the WordPress configuration! First, head to your server configuration on Cloudways, […]

Good password security

Good password security isn’t too hard, it just requires a change in your approach. The biggest factor to increasing password security is password length. To see this in action, visit this link – – and type in one of your passwords as a test. Look at the last two Attack Scenarios. That’s how quickly it would […]

Cart doesn’t work with Flatsome, WooCommerce, and Varnish

This is a quick and easy one. If you’re using the Flatsome3 theme with WordPress and you have Varnish cache running, you’ll find the cart doesn’t work. You add an item, and the sidebar pops up but then it disappears again straight away, and the cart is empty. Turn off Varnish and problem solved… but […]

Paypal button not appearing with Braintree and WooCommerce

When trying to use Braintree with Paypal on my WooCommerce installation, I kept running into issues. Using Braintree by itself would work fine, but as soon as I enabled Paypal as well I received this following error on the checkout page. Oops, something went wrong. Please try a different payment method. The Paypal button would […]

Connecting Google Tag Manager and s2Member

The helpful s2Member Google Analytics page doesn’t cover Google Tag Manager. If you want to configure GTM with e-commerce transactions, you’ll need to use this code: <script> window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || [] dataLayer.push({ ‘transactionId’: ‘%%subscr_id%%’, ‘transactionAffiliation’: ‘%%cv0%%’, ‘transactionTotal’: %%initial%%, ‘transactionTax’: 0, ‘transactionShipping’: 0, ‘transactionProducts’: [{ ‘sku’: ‘%%item_number%%’, ‘name’: ‘%%item_name%%’, ‘category’: ‘%%item_number%%’, ‘price’: %%initial%%, ‘quantity’: 1 }], […]

Creating custom Metadata Field Lists in Lightroom

When you’re in Lightroom’s Library mode, you are able to set the metadata for your photos based on some pre-defined field lists. If you’re like me, you’ve probably found yourself switching between multiple different metadata field sets, for instance between Default, EXIF, and Location: But as it turns out, there’s a way that you can […]