How to see visitor’s real IP with Cloudways and Cloudflare

If you’re using Cloudflare in front of your Cloudways site, you’ll notice that all the visitors come through with the IP address of It’s easy enough to fix this. Cloudways posted a useful article about it, but it misses one critical thing – the WordPress configuration! First, head to your server configuration on Cloudways, […]

Cart doesn’t work with Flatsome, WooCommerce, and Varnish

This is a quick and easy one. If you’re using the Flatsome3 theme with WordPress and you have Varnish cache running, you’ll find the cart doesn’t work. You add an item, and the sidebar pops up but then it disappears again straight away, and the cart is empty. Turn off Varnish and problem solved… but […]

The Full Guide to Speeding Up WordPress

Or … How I Made My WordPress Site 1,630% Faster. Hopefully the headline caught your attention! But it’s actually true. What follows is my journey from shared hosting to probably the best hosting option in the current marketplace. Shared hosting is what all of us use when we’re getting started. And for years I didn’t […]

Force all requests to HTTPS on Cloudways

I found it a little difficult to get a proper HTTPS redirect working on Cloudways. All of the other mod_rewrite rules for checking non-SSL traffic seemed to end in a redirection loop. This turns out the be the code that works:

Put that at the start of your .htaccess  file and you should be […]

Optimising WordPress with a membership site

If you’re developing an affiliate marketing sale site, one of the problems you might run into is effective use of membership plugins. There seems to be a conflict in outcomes. You have to pick one of these two (but not both!): Fast site with good Page Rank Working ecommerce sales If you install caching plugins […]