Turn off hyphenation in InstaBuilder 2.0

I’m using version 2.1.6 as of writing this post, but it should work fine with any version. You may have noticed some weird hyphenation issues with InstaBuilder. Inside the editor it all seems to be fine, and on the finished page in Chrome it all looks fine. But in Firefox (and possibly others), all your […]

How to integrate Sendlane with InstaMember and ClickBank

Getting the email addresses to flow through to Sendlane when someone purchases a product on your site doesn’t work out of the box. I’m not sure what the exactly issues are, but I’ve found the default fields that Sendlane uses are not compatible with InstaMember. When you put the autoresponder integration code into your product […]

Integrating InstaMember with ClickBank and ConvertKit

This guide was written for v1.2.3, but should work for any 1.x version. When a sale is made on ClickBank, it sends a notification to InstaMember using the IPN. That notification causes a member account to be made in InstaMember. ClickBank also gives the customer a link to “Access your digital download”. This will successfully add […]

How to fix InstaBuilder 2.0 not showing titles

Out of the box, InstaBuilder 2.0 does not show a title for the root page of your site. Sub-pages seem to work correctly. This is happening for me with v2.1.6. What you’ll see in your generated web code is something like this. Notice the duplicate title tags, with the blank tag displaying first. The title you configure will […]