Launching renderer functions from the main menu in Electron-Vue

Creating menus is simple enough in Electron, but how in the world do you tell your Renderer process to do something?! I couldn’t find any existing resources on this so hopefully this helps you. In your menu/index.js  set up your menu: import { app, BrowserWindow, Menu } from ‘electron’ const template = [ { label: […]

How to export from Scrivener to Word with correct styles

This is a macro to export from Scrivener to Word with correct Heading and Body styles. This also correctly handles in-paragraph bold and italics. It is based off the excellent work by Félix Chénier. When I tried his method, it correctly fixed all the heading styles, but it did not update the body text to be ‘Normal’ style. […]

Good password security

Good password security isn’t too hard, it just requires a change in your approach. The biggest factor to increasing password security is password length. To see this in action, visit this link – – and type in one of your passwords as a test. Look at the last two Attack Scenarios. That’s how quickly it would […]

Paypal button not appearing with Braintree and WooCommerce

When trying to use Braintree with Paypal on my WooCommerce installation, I kept running into issues. Using Braintree by itself would work fine, but as soon as I enabled Paypal as well I received this following error on the checkout page. Oops, something went wrong. Please try a different payment method. The Paypal button would […]

Connecting Google Tag Manager and s2Member

The helpful s2Member Google Analytics page doesn’t cover Google Tag Manager. If you want to configure GTM with e-commerce transactions, you’ll need to use this code: <script> window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || [] dataLayer.push({ ‘transactionId’: ‘%%subscr_id%%’, ‘transactionAffiliation’: ‘%%cv0%%’, ‘transactionTotal’: %%initial%%, ‘transactionTax’: 0, ‘transactionShipping’: 0, ‘transactionProducts’: [{ ‘sku’: ‘%%item_number%%’, ‘name’: ‘%%item_name%%’, ‘category’: ‘%%item_number%%’, ‘price’: %%initial%%, ‘quantity’: 1 }], […]

Free ClickBank custom redirection plugin

ClickBank only lets you set one destination for a product. But you probably want to send people to multiple destinations for a particular product. Some examples would be: A free report squeeze page A written sales letter A video sales letter A special promo page that is just for men or just for women Send only some affiliate traffic […]