Tracking ClickBank affiliates with Google Analytics

Being able to track your affiliates in Google Analytics is vital if you want to maximise your earning potential.

By correctly associating your visitors with the affiliate who brought them, you are able to:

  • Identify the traffic sources for your highest converting visitors
  • Identify your best performing affiliates, and work with them directly
  • Identify new content/affiliate program opportunities
  • Identify the affiliate links/pages that result in the highest click through rate

I couldn’t find any guides out there for doing this, so I decided to put one together myself.

This guide will be written using Google Tag Manager. If you haven’t already switched to Tag Manager, then now is the time. 😉 It’s a MUCH easier experience than having to manage all of your tags the old way.

I’ll be creating a guide for that in the future, but for now here’s a pretty good tutorial:

Once you have Tag Manager set up, it’s time to create the affiliate tracking tag.

Click on Variables on the left menu:


Click on New, and then the edit button, and finally URL as the type.

Configure it to look like this:


Next, go to Tags and edit your Google Analytics tag. Add a custom dimension as in the picture below. You can choose any Index number for the dimension, but you’ll need to know that number later.


Now you need to publish your Workspace.


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