Free ClickBank custom redirection plugin

ClickBank only lets you set one destination for a product. But you probably want to send people to multiple destinations for a particular product.

Some examples would be:

  • A free report squeeze page
  • A written sales letter
  • A video sales letter
  • A special promo page that is just for men or just for women
  • Send only some affiliate traffic to a special landing page with no sign-up form pages

The final destination for those three pages are the same product, but you need a way to choose which one your customers get sent to.

What you need is my custom ClickBank Affiliate Redirection Module! (It’s free.)

How does it work?

You upload a special Redirection page to your website, and point all of your ClickBank traffic to that page. Rather than a complicated script or plugin, this one page is all you need.

The Redirection module takes care of sending your customers to the correct sales page, and ClickBank takes care of making sure that sale is attributed to the right affiliate.

Here’s a little diagram:

How to install

Download this zip file. Extract it on your computer, and open the  redirect.php file with a text editor.


The configuration section is at the start of the file.

You’ll need to change line 4 to have your main sales page URL.

Inside the  $redirects section (lines 9 and 10), you can add as many different redirects as you like. Please feel free to replace  keyword1 etc with keywords that mean something to you.

Let’s say you change the first one to be:

"freereport" => ""

This is how your new “Special hop link” will look:

Notice the extra part at the end of the URL? This is the keyword that you used before ( freereport ), and it tells the redirection module to send the traffic to .

It might sound a little bit complicated, but if you run into trouble just get in contact.


  1. Copy the redirect.php onto the root directory of your website.
  2. Change your hoplink destination URL in ClickBank to be
  3. That’s it!

The code

Here’s the code if you’re interested.


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