Integrating InstaMember with ClickBank and ConvertKit

This guide was written for v1.2.3, but should work for any 1.x version.

When a sale is made on ClickBank, it sends a notification to InstaMember using the IPN. That notification causes a member account to be made in InstaMember.

ClickBank also gives the customer a link to “Access your digital download”. This will successfully add the user to your ConvertKit subscribers.

However, there is a potential hole where a customer might ignore that link, and instead click on one of the links that InstaMember emails to them.

By default, InstaMember sends out two emails to all new subscribers – the Welcome email and the Payment Receipt email.

The Welcome email looks like this:


It has a direct link to your members page, and the username and password details. This is a potential problem, because if a new user visits this link and logs in, they will not get added to your ConvertKit subscribers.

To have the user automatically added to ConvertKit, you need to have them click on the URL that links to the InstaMember product_access function. It looks like this, and by default is sent in your Payment Receipt email:


The email macro field for that is %txn_download_url% .

Unfortunately, InstaMember doesn’t allow you to insert that macro in your Welcome email! What you’ll have to do is disable your Welcome email, and use your Payment Receipt email instead.

Double-unfortunately, InstaMember doesn’t allow you to disable your Welcome email. But there’s a trick…

These are the two we’ll be editing:


Click ‘edit template’ for your Welcome email, and delete everything from every field. That will stop it from sending out.

Then, edit your Payment Email to however makes you happy. Just make sure you include the %txn_download_url% link for your new subscribers to click on. 🙂

This is what mine looks like:

Hi %member_firstname%,

Welcome to xxxxxx! 

Please click on this link to access the Member's Area, where you will find your product download and bonus products:


If prompted for a username and password, please use the following:

Username: %member_login%

Password: %member_pass%

Here are your payment details for your records:


Best regards,


That will log them in and also register them with ConvertKit.


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